Key Stage 3

In Years 8 - 10 a system of broad banding according to ability is used to determine class groupings with each year having a supported learning class. Classes are banded into smaller groups for practical subjects.

The curriculum at Key Stage 3 includes;

Art & Design

Business Studies






Home Economics



Learning for Life and Work




Physical Education

Religious Studies


Technology & Design

Key Stage 4

In Years 11 and 12 a system of broad banding according to ability is used for the compulsory core subjects. Pupils in other subjects in these years will be banded if appropriate. All students in Years 11 and 12 will study English, Mathematics, Science, Religious Education and non-exam Learning for Life and Work. Further subjects are available as options. Pupils take eight GCSE courses in Years 11 and 12, while a number of further courses are available during ‘twilight’ sessions, which run beyond the end of the school day. We also offer students the opportunity to follow the Prince’s Trust Personal Development and Employability programme, equivalent to two GCSE grades, and an Essential Skills course, which is equivalent to one GCSE grade.

The subjects we offer at GCSE level are;




Learning for Life and Work

Princes Trust

Art & Design

Business & Communication Systems

Applied Business

Child Development


English Literature




Home Economics



Motor Vehicle and Road User Studies

BTEC Music

BTEC Performing Arts

OCN Personal Success & Well-Being

BTEC Sport


Religious Education

OCN Religious Education

Science (Single and Double Award)

OCN Science


A Level

The Sixth Year in St Patrick’s offers a Programme of Study for students who want to work towards Higher Education courses. The College offers the following Advanced Level programmes, with the list below showing the subjects which our Sixth Form students can access as part of the Ballymena Learning together community:

Offered in St Patrick’s College (available in Single or Double Award)

OCR Cambridge Tech Art & Design

GCE English

GCE Applied Health & Social Care (Single and Double Award)

GCE History

OCR Cambridge Tech ICT

GCE Performing Arts

GCE Polish

GCE Religious Studies

BTEC Sport

BTEC Construction

BTEC Science

Ballymena Learning Together Options

GCE Applied Business

GCE Chemistry

GCE Environmental Technology

GCE Government & Politics


BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in Hospitality

GCE Moving Image Arts

GCE Psychology

GCE Physics

GCE Business Studies

GCE Drama

BTEC Engineering

GCE Geography

GCE Mathematics

GCE Music

GCE Sociology

Post-16 Transition Programme

Our one-year Transition Programme is designed for students progressing from GCSE level who want to enhance their skills and improve their qualifications in order to make the most appropriate choices for their future career.

These new and innovative Post-16 courses develop the relevant skills necessary for the very competitive world of work and also lay a solid foundation for further study at A Level.

This special curriculum affords the students a further year to mature as well as offering the opportunity to participate in a supervised and structured work experience programme which is now considered a valuable asset and much appreciated by employers.

The Transition Programme offers students a range of qualifications including:

  • BTEC Level 2 Sport
  • BTEC Level 2 Health & Social Care
  • OCN Level 2 Personal Finance
  • OCN Level 2 Vocational Studies
  • Essential Skills Level 2 in Communication
  • Essential Skills Level 2 in Application of Number
  • GCSE English Language (Repeat)
  • GCSE Mathematics (Repeat)