School Uniform


A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students and anyone arriving at school in non-uniform clothing may expect to be sent home to get changed or may be withdrawn from class for that day.

All Uniform must be clearly marked with owner’s name (including P.E. Strip).

School Bags should be without slogans and large enough to accommodate the increased number of books required at Secondary School.

Coats and other outdoor clothing may not be worn in school.


Black blazer (with integrated School Badge)

Green Pullover (Optional) Years 8-12

Charcoal Grey Pullover (Optional) Years 13 & 14

Black School Fleece (Optional)

Clip-on tie for all pupils

School Scarf (optional)

Black School Shoes (No trainers)

School Bag

No Jewellery allowed (Except a watch, one stud in each ear but no other body piercings)

No visible Body Art


White Blouse

Black Knee Length Skirt (Years 8-10 Plain)

Black Knee Length Skirt (Years 11-14 Box Pleated)

Black Tights


Hair style should be neat with no extreme colours


White Shirt

Black School Trousers

Black or Dark Grey Socks

Hair style should be neat, collar length, with no extreme colours or less than a No.2 cut

Shaven Patterns or Designs in hair are forbidden

Clean Shaven at all times

P.E Strip

Top (Green, Black and White)

Shorts (Black and Green)

Sports Socks (Green with Black stripes)

Tracksuit (Optional)

Swimwear – all Year 8 pupils

Uniform and PE strip available from:

Couples, 17 Ballymoney Street, Ballymena

Wallace's, Church Street, Ballymena

Mg 5616
Mg 5608