Learning for Life & Work

About our subject:

Learning for Life and Work is set out in the form of key themes and learning outcomes.

Learning for Life and Work has been included as a key component in the school’s Curriculum in order to develop skills and capabilities necessary for life and work. Our aim is offer an engaging and relevant curriculum that:

  • helps our pupils develop as individuals and members of society;
  • delivers the skills and capabilities needed for adult life and work;
  • helps our pupils cope with the changing global economy; and
  • helps our pupils learn how to make informed choices.

Learning for Life and Work is offered to KS3 and KS4 pupils and reflects the aims of St. Patrick’s College and meets the objectives of the N.I. Curriculum by contributing directly to developing the young person as:

  • an individual;
  • a contributor to society; and
  • a contributor to the economy and environment.

Learning for Life and Work (LLW) is a statutory requirement in the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum.

Staff members:

LLW Co-ordinator – Mrs K Keenan

LLW teachers - Mrs J Mullan, Mrs C McAteer and Mrs Dowrzycz