Home Economics/Child Dev/Health & Social Care

About our subject:

Home Economics delivers vital skills that enable students to lead effective lives as individuals and family members as well as members of the wider community.

When we hear ‘Home Economics’ most of us think about cooking and food, however Home Economics is about much more than food. Home Economics combines aspects of science, nutrition, cooking, parenting skills and finance. Students learn about the inter-relationships between diet, health, family, home and choice and the management of resources.

Home Economics gives students a valuable insight into:

  • what’s really in the food we eat on a daily basis;
  • how to plan and cook nutritious and economical meals;
  • how to choose the best food for themselves and their family;
  • the importance of good nutrition and health; and
  • the role of the consumer in modern eating patterns.

Staff members:

Mrs A McErlain (HoD)

Miss L McBride

Mrs R Goodrich

Mrs K Keenan